Get fit. Barbell Pro. Get fit. A guide to hundreds of workouts. Take a pick and make your plan.
A guide and a planner for hundreds of workouts, with detailed, illustrated guides on how to perform them.
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  • Hundreds of workouts with accurate, illustrated instructions on how to perform them.
  • Weekly plan allows adding exercises for each day, customizing their content and marking them down as you perform them.
  • Share your progress workouts in Facebook, Twitter and HeiaHeia!
  • Track progress on a per-exercise basis with a graph view, and list workouts done in the past.
  • Metric and imperial units are both supported.
  • Smooth interface, designed for use with touch phones.

See the changelog for more information on latest bugfixes and features.
Barbell Pro
Everything that the free version has, and many other features that help improving yourself!
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  • Organize by dragging workouts around in the list, and from one day to another.
  • Tailored for you by remembering previously set data, making it much faster to create workouts.
  • Customize by creating new workouts of your own, which you can train, too!
  • Complex plans are now possible. Add multiple workouts of same kind on the same day, allowing you to plan same workouts in the morning and afternoon, or follow P90X!
  • Multiple plans that you can switch at any time. Change the direction of your training without losing the existing plan.
  • Track progress with a user profile and per-muscle statistics.
  • Backup your data safely and switch between phones by using the import and export feature.
  • Free of ads now, and in all future updates.
  • Translations will be included in free future updates!


Exercise Steps Bookmarking for words and kanji Create your own workouts to tailor the plan just for you. Put your workouts in order by moving them between days and ordering them. Create your own profile to track your calorie consumption and weight. Progress graph for each exercise, showing how much more you can lift over time View detailed statistics for each muscle group. Settings for logging into social networks and adjusting weight systems