Get fit. Barbell Pro. Get fit. A guide to hundreds of workouts. Take a pick and make your plan.
A guide and a planner for hundreds of workouts, with detailed, illustrated guides on how to perform them.

With a huge database of illustrated and guided exercises, Barbell will help in you in getting fit, whether you're just starting to work out or are already a regular at the gym.

Barbell comes in two flavors: Gym Tracker and Pro. The free version is great by itself, but Pro is even better, with tons of extra features, and it only costs a dollar!

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Barbell Pro
Massive Japanese-English dictionary, with over 167 000 words and animated stroke order diagrams.

Kanji Dictionary has a ridiculous amount of content. Even the free Lite version, with only 20 000 words, is still a good dictionary, and but barely a sample of what you will get for buying the full version.

In addition to a reference, Kanji Dictionary is also a learning tool. The animated stroke order diagrams will help you learn how to draw kanji, and the built-in flash card game will help with memorizing them.

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